Andean Mule for the holidays!

Andean Mule for the holidays!

So, you might have noticed that it’s the holidays. But you probably don’t need us to point that out to you. You know because you’re exhausted from having to explain your job to your grandparents all week and type your parent’s obscure 16 character wifi password ten times until you finally get it right.

And now it’s the weekend before New Year’s Eve and you’re realizing you have ten people descending on your house for pre-gaming before Vic’s house party in Bushwick. Not sure why you agreed to this? Neither are we tbh. But because we like to help rather than just sit here and enjoy your over-commitment, we’ve got a simple way to solve your problem.

Grab ten of your best mason jars. Is that even a phrase? OK, the ten not chipped ones at least. Wash them (yes we have to say this. You never know).

Squeeze half a lime into each glass.

Add 1.7 fl. oz. (5cl.) of FAIR. Vodka, 5.1 fl. oz. (15 cl.) of ginger beer, and ice cubes into each glass as well.


Garnish with a lime quarter or fresh rosemary, whichever takes your fancy.

You now have yourself 10 Andean Mules. Simple to make but pretty to look at and delicious to drink. And an easy way to distract your guests for at least half an hour while you scramble to shower, or at least put deodorant on and get dressed.

The best bit? You and your guests can feel good about drinking Fairtrade vodka this holiday season.

Weekend saved! You’re welcome.

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