Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo and alcohol. Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

OK we trust that you are unable to name a pairing more iconic than these two. But, believe it or not, the origins of Cinco de Mayo do not lie at the bottom of a bottle, despite what American bars and advertising tell us. Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates the first time that the Mexican army was able to defeat a better prepared foreign power, specifically at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 (thanks Wikipedia). By “better prepared,” we mean trained soldiers using pistols, bayonets, guns, etc, versus peasants and countrymen using machetes and spears called “chinacas” which were made of metal tipped wood. Which does seem like a pretty big deal, tbh.

This year not only are we celebrating Cinco de Mayo for everything it really stands for, but we are also celebrating the fact that our FAIR Kumquat Liqueur won a silver medal at BTI, woo hoo! Its vegan, gluten free, and Fairtrade certified because we source the sugar from Paraguay, Malawi, or Belize, depending on the season. Because of the fresh and citrusy flavor of kumquats, the liqueur pairs well with agave spirits like mezcal and tequila. I think you can tell where we are going with this, right? So, what cocktail are we suggesting you celebrate this Cinco de Mayo with? Well, we actually have two in mind, lucky you.

The first is called the La Batalla and is made with Casamigos Tequila, by EP LP. Sure, George Clooney doesn’t own this tequila brand any more, but it’s still one of our fav tequila and EL LP has some amazing creative cocktails.

  • 1 oz Casamigos Tequila
  • 1/2 oz FAIR. Kumquat Liqueur
  • 1/4 oz simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz egg white
  • 3/4 oz lemon juice

If this first one doesn’t take your fancy (or you want both, no judgement here), our second suggestion is called Cupreata Margarita, features the incredible mezcal brand Amores and has been created by our distributor in Spain, My Organic Spirits. But before you get that recipe, you need to learn some more about Cinco de Mayo. Like, why were the French even over in Mexico fighting them in the first place? Surely they had a lot to do and Mexico was a long way to travel? The short answer is that Mexico was in debt to a bunch of foreign countries and wanted an extension of two years to pay that debt (don’t we all Mexico, don’t we all). But France was having none of that (even though, of the roughly 80 million pesos owed, only 2 million of these were to France. Way to overreact France) and rushed over to claim their debt, as well as to create a base with which to later try and invade the US from, but that’s another story.  Now you’re armed with a little more information so that when Susan from accounts comes in wearing a sombrero on Friday, at least you’ll have some basic facts to hit her with.  OK, now we can get back to that second cocktail. The unique smokiness of this mezcal is the hero of this cocktail and it’s so easy to make, even Susan could do it.

  • 5 cl Mezcal Amores Cupreata
  • 3 cl FAIR. Kumquat Liqueur
  • 4 cl lime juice
  • 0.5 cl Agave syrup

Basically, the triple sec in both of these recipes is being replaced by the FAIR Kumquat Liqueur – which by the way you can do with any cocktail, hint hint. There you have it! Happy Cinco de Mayo, and enjoy!

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