Cocktails for thoughts – ep 4

Cocktails for thoughts – ep 4

OK, you don’t need to tell us, it’s been a while between the tall, cold drink that is Cocktails for Thoughts. We know. (If you’re new here, and don’t know what Cocktails for Thoughts is, it’s a series where we match up two great bars (that stock FAIR obvs.), and they swap a cocktail recipe for the month, and then swap some thoughts on the bar world and sustainability. Hence the name, Cocktails for Thoughts. Genius, we know). We’ve been busy (read on what here), but that is no excuse. It’s no excuse for your last date not calling you back either, and you should definitely call them out on it and likely never date them again. But for us, we would love if you stuck with us, as we have some fun new people we’d like you to meet. We sat down with Michael Thauer, the General Manager of Gratitude Bar & Kitchen in Beverly Hills and Marcus Shewry, Group General Manager at Wild Food Café in the UK (well, we metaphorically sat down with them, because one lives in Cali and one lives in London, which makes things a bit hard).

Wild Wood Café in London

At Gratitude Bar & Kitchen they are committed to ensuring that everyone feels grateful for the food and drink they consume and that everyone feels loved. Wild Food Café specializes in food, ingredients, practices, and methods that haven’t been fully appreciated and explored. When making and serving food, they want to cause the least suffering and the most benefit to the planet. Obviously, we love both of these ideas and how they are going about infusing them into their businesses. But enough about what we love, because you already know about that if you’re on our blog. Let’s get to know each of these people and the bars.

FAIR: Tell us what five words you’d use to describe your venue? 
Michael: Light, bright, nourishing, inspiring, and gratefulness.
Marcus: Vibrant, living, light, calming, and welcoming.


Açaï Sour by Gratitude Bar Kitchen

FAIR: What cocktail—and what is the inspiration behind the cocktail—have you chosen for the cocktails for thoughts exchange this month?
We have chosen an Acai Sour. It’s called “I am Caring“. Here at Gratitude Kitchen & Bar we name all our dishes by affirmations. So when you order you can order by saying “I am Caring” and then we would repeat that back to you, affirming that “You Are Caring”. The ingredients for this drink are 1 1/2 oz.  FAIR Vodka , 3/4 oz. FAIR Acai liqueur, 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice, 1/2 oz. fresh pineapple juice, 1/2 oz. honey or agave, and 1/2 oz. aqua faba . Shake all the ingredients except the aqua faba together with ice and strain into a mixing glass. Throw away all the left over ice, add the aqua faba to the ingredients and dry shake, then pour into a chilled 8 oz. Martini glass. Add three dashes of Peychaud Bitters to the top of the foam when finishing the drink and swirl around – the bitters gives it a little extra depth and liveliness! Garnish with a berry and piece of mint. The inspiration for the drink is definitely driven by our love of the super food, acai, and it’s antioxidant healing qualities. The name is inspired by the idea that we all should make caring a core, everyday practice in the world. 

Marcus: For us, we’ve chosen our Cynara Spritz, a drink further invigorated from the current version by more ingredients in our house-made Amaro. It is made with 25ml artichoke infused FAIR Vodka, 25ml Wild Amaro, 75ml Prosecco, and 10ml Agave. To serve, fill a wine glass with cubed ice; pour in the artichoke FAIR Vodka, Wild Amaro, Prosecco, and Agave  – stir, and garnish with an orange wedge and bay leaf.  The Cynara aspect of the name comes from the genus family of herbs the artichoke is part of.  We love all things wild, so infusing a FAIR spirit with organic artichokes and making our own Amaro really resonates with our ethos.

Cynara Spritz by Wild Wood Café

FAIR: They both sound really delicious. When not making these drinks, what FAIR spirit is your favorite to work with?
Our favorite is definitely the Vodka. Being a clean spirit, it is so versatile that you can add so many different ingredients or other spirits to come up with some great creations.
We also love the FAIR Vodka as we use it to create all manner of infusions. We also have a soft spot for the FAIR Cacao Liqueur, it’s delicious!

FAIR: What does the word “fairtrade” mean to you?
Fairtrade to us means honoring our fellow mankind by allowing for everyone to share in the abundance of the world through fair prices and practices. 

Marcus: We agree. It’s the pursuit of a world where everyone is treated and paid fairly for providing a product or service. 

FAIR: Finally, what made you want to work in this industry, what brought you here? And of course, what keeps you here?
When I was around five or six years old I remember making cinnamon toast and hot chocolate for my grandparents. They loved it and so did I. Looking back it was a love to take care of people around me and to have them be delighted through food, beverages, and genuine hospitality. It has always been in me. To make someone’s day a bit more joyful, and nourish their soul through healthy, delicious food and drinks and spark some inspiring conversations – I go to bed feeling eternally grateful every evening. 

Marcus: I love all things food and drink related, and in terms of this industry, it’s being able to recommend new and delicious dishes to our guests and seeing the enjoyment following that first bite. As happens so often in this industry, I sort of fell into hospitality whilst studying and then never left. It’s the guests and giving them a wonderful experience that keeps me here.

There wraps up another episode of Cocktails for Thoughts. If you’re in the area of either of these bars, we urge you to drop in and try their stuff – and feel better about doing your bit for the world while you’re at it.

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