FAIR. is about connections

FAIR. is about connections

Quick q: what is your ideal Saturday night?

  1. Meeting your fav person at the local on the corner, where they don’t mind your thrown together outfit because it’s laundry day and you literally have nothing clean left in your closet except for this cat sweater and mustard jeans from 2009

  2. Head out to the newly opened bar downtown for a couple of fancy cocktails, hopefully skipping the line because your friend knows the guy on the door (bring a coat in case you can’t skip the line and have to wait for an hour. It will be worth it!)

  3. Kids down to sleep early for once, enjoying a nightcap and whatever Netflix has recommended you watch based on your previous choices (thank god too, because trying to think for yourself after the week you’ve had seems like a long shot)

  4. Have friends over for a home cooked meal, where you’ll no doubt be in disarray in the kitchen but at least you can distract everyone with pre-dinner cocktail.


Obviously you’ve noticed the common thread there. You’re on a spirits blog page and we’re quizzing you on your favorite Saturday night activities, all of which involve alcohol. Now we’ll tell you what type of alcohol you are based on your choice and recommend one of our signature cocktails which really just gets you, you know?

OK so we won’t do that (except for you Jess, you’re definitely an Andean Mule as a cocktail if ever we’ve seen a person as a cocktail).

You might have guessed it already, but we like people. Humans. Homosapiens. Mortals. Folks. The masses. OK OK you get it. What does this have to do with anything? Well. Everything really! We choose to work in ethical spirits because we see the way it brings people together. Of course, we have a lot of career experience in this field, we didn’t just pick it out of a hat and decide on it. Fun way to choose a career path though, will keep it in mind for the future. Our founder, Alex Koiransky, has worked in this industry for 12 years and it was while he was working in the US in charge of distribution for a European cognac company that he had the idea for FAIR. So there is some industry expertise to back us up. But the real appeal of spirits for us has always been the way it brings people together. Not just the end product, which yeah, does a pretty good job of bringing everyone around it together (and loosening them up while it’s at it), but throughout the whole process.

Our search for sustainable and ethically sourced produce has brought us together with local farmers in Belize, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and many more places. It has brought these same farmers, and us, together with master brewers and distillers in the Cognac region in France, where the end product brings us together with you the consumer. Who is hopefully doing one of the four choices from our pop quiz at the start of this piece with your own friends. You know, bringing yourselves together. Bringing yourself face to face with your loved ones. Which is how we run FAIR too – we travel half way across the world to meet our producers face to face, and half way across the world to meet our New York stockists face to face because we believe in the power of working together. We know alcohol isn’t the glue, humans are, but it doesn’t hurt that we get to work in an industry that needs and values people. And for us that means all people, not just the ones at the end of the chain (you). We believe that all the people involved, in every stage of the process, should be treated equally. And that’s why we started and believe in FAIR.

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