Let’s unveil FAIR. Vodka certifications

Let’s unveil FAIR. Vodka certifications

Q: What is not only certified Fairtrade, but also certified gluten free, and certified vegan?
A: Fairtrade mangoes from the Philippines.

Well, yeah, that is an actual truthful answer. But it does seem like a random way to start a blog on Fairtrade spirits. Unless we were partnering to make some form of mango alcohol. Which sounds kinda yummy, but it’s not we are announcing. What we ARE announcing thought, is that our FAIR vodka is now certified gluten free and vegan! In addition to also staying Fairtrade (obviously).

So how did we get these brand new certifications? Well, you already know that we use quinoa to make our vodka, but what you may not have known is that we also used to use a tiny little bit of wheat alcohol. Hence not being able to claim FAIR vodka is gluten free. But we know that many of our consumers may be gluten intolerant, and we want to respect that. SO! We replaced the wheat alcohol with a non-GMO corn alcohol, and hey presto! we’re gluten free certified. Well, it wasn’t *that* simple. The process of becoming certified is actually really rigorous and our hats go off to the boards that look after this kind of stuff. But it was important to us, and we think it’s one of the things that continues to differentiate us from some of our big name competitors. And don’t worry, this changes nothing about the taste.

We’re also celebrating the fact that we have gained our vegan certification too! There is absolutely no animal involvement in our production process, and this is deliberate. By producing a vegan certified product we are continue to reduce our negative impact on the planet. Which as you know, is super important to us.

These might seem like small things, but we are so proud that our products continue to get more and more sustainable. Both for the planet, and for you, as a consumer. We think the taste continues to be amazing, thanks to the high quality Fairtrade ingredients we source, but also thanks to the amazing distillers from the Cognac region who never stop working to make a great product (even when we come to them with crazy ideas like quinoa based vodka). Together, we’re continuing to show the world that your alcohol can be sustainable and exceptionally good at the same time. And that you can have a lot of fun on the way while making it!

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