Get to know our founder

Get to know our founder

So you’ve started to get to know us, and we’ve been hanging out for a while now, so we’re wondering if maybe you’d like to … meet out founder? Kind of like the asking you to meet our parents, but without having to shower, put on a nice shirt, and leave the house. You can stay in your cheese dip stained track pants, in the comfort of your own home. You can even stay in bed if you’d like to. We’ll keep it brief. Yeah? OK, let’s go.

Alex, give us a one sentence introduction to yourself?
Ha, one sentence is hard! Father, founder of FAIR, optimist, and a believer that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equitably.

Uzbekistan, 2017

When and why did you start FAIR?
In 2008, I was a salesman for Ferrand Cognac and in charge of distribution for the American market, working mostly out of the South Side of Chicago. The work was exciting, but it really made me think about brand responsibility, and in particular, bringing a human focus back into the industry in general. I wanted to create an ethical high end spirits brand, one that appealed to people who care about sustainable development and purchases. I made this the starting point for FAIR.

What’s your favorite thing about working for FAIR?
Obviously there is an element of loving working for a brand you’ve founded yourself, but for me the enjoyment of working at FAIR is more than that. At the heart of FAIR is people: people growing the produce, people living a sustainable life on the land their families have farmed for years, people turning the grains into alcohol, people creating unique cocktails with it, and people enjoying it in the comfort of their own homes. I love that in every step of the way I get to interact with the people who make FAIR what it is. Not just know that these people exist somewhere in the world, but actually get to meet them, talk to them, and learn about their life. It’s something special that I don’t think you get in every job, and certainly not with every spirits brand.

A sidecar – Cognac, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugar

Tell us the best cocktail you make, and what food you pair it with?
Well, I don’t make cocktails! Haha, no seriously, I am not good at making them, so always prefer when a creative professional pulls one together. My favorite is a sidecar, and I like to drink it with a nice cheese plate. Some camembert, reblochon, and goat cheese. Voila!

What’s your favorite weekend activity?
Playing music with my son, or just having music playing while we are in the house going about our day. I love listening to music, jazz and blues being my favorite. My son has a perfect ear and has had ever since he was old enough to sing when he was three (he is only five now!). His favorite song to sing lately is Chandelier by Sia; he can hit some of those notes just perfectly!

Bolivia, 2014

To finish up, what is one thing you’d like to see change in the world?
I’d like to see people stop caring about owning things, you know? Always having to have the biggest and best of things. I’d like to see people value what they have and work hard at loving those around them, bringing happiness into their lives that way.

So there you go, now you can say you’ve “met” the founder of FAIR. Promised you it would be easy. We’d love to know what your favorite cocktail or weekend activity is. Or even better, what you would like to see change in the world. Until next time!

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