FAIR. Cacao

FAIR Cacao Liqueur is made using organic & Fairtrade certified cocoa nibs from Peru. The nibs are infused into a vodka base to create a rich-flavored based spirit. Slowly and progressively we are adding fair-trade liquid sugar, natural cocoa extract and demineralised water to get a full and perfect harmonization.

The sugar used in FAIR. Cacao Liqueur is also Fairtrade certified, coming from various coops in countries such as Belize and Paraguay.


“A dark chocolate bar in a bottle.”

Signature Cocktail

Cacao Old Fashioned

Pour 1 bar spoon of demerara syrup, 10ml of FAIR. Cacao and 45ml of FAIR. Belize Rum XO into a rocks glass

Stir and strain

Garnish with a mint spring on top with shaved chocolate