New Years resolutions – Do good while you do bad

New Years resolutions – Do good while you do bad

OK, so it’s more than half way through January now, and we’re sure those New Year Resolutions are in full swing and going great. Hahahahahaha. Jokes, we all know New Year’s resolutions never work. Good try though. Well done if you made it over a week on any of them, very commendable. Instead of feeling bad about breaking all, or nearly all, of them, we propose you find the good in what you’re doing. Or not doing in some cases.

Save money
Everyone aims to save money / pay off their credit card, we’d argue at all times of the year, but the desire becomes more intense at the beginning of the year. Probably because you’ve just shelled out way more than necessary during the holiday season with the various secret snowflake or white elephants you got roped into (hope you liked your scented candle Karen, Susan, and Deborah). Yes, having savings is a good thing, and yes, having low (or no!) credit card debt is a good thing, but let’s face it, denying yourself of everything sucks. How about a before buying anything new, you ask yourself how the people who make or produce the product fared in the process. If the answer is “not well”, you don’t need it, if it is “yes they were paid well and can build a life around it”, then go ahead and consider it at least (check your bank account or credit limit first obvs).

Less screen time
Feel like you were living in an episode of Black Mirror for the last few weeks? Please, do try and use January to break your screen addition (after you make sure to share your screenless goals on social media though. Duh.), but then by all means pick back up the screens. But you could intersperse those The Office reruns with a documentary or two, learn about our planet and its people. You might hate it, in which case go back to whatever series rerun or Netflix exclusive you choose, guilt free. But maybe you’ll be inspired to take up a new cause, start recycling (the poor excuse you do for it now doesn’t count), or even just watch some more docos and feel superior to your friends as you recount nature facts at dinner parties. They will love you for it, trust us.

Pick up that cross stich / piano playing / kick boxing habit you started 4 months ago
We all have them. Hobbies we intend or intended to start that will hopefully make us a calmer / more well rounded / fitter person. Already forked out on a bunch of tools, lessons, or a membership? Then you might as well use it, otherwise it flies in the face of resolution number one, save money. Well it still flies in the face of saving money, but at least it’s not wasting money. No one said you need to be good at this hobby, or even continue it after your trial period is over. But it might make you a more interesting person (gasp!) or even just distract you from those pesky screens for a short period of time.

Lose weight
Honestly, unless you are pushing obese or are at risk from health complications from your weight, we say just be happy. Not even going to try and justify this one: all we’ll say it it’s good to eat delicious, quality food, that you can know *mostly* where it comes from and how it’s cooked. Follow that one and you’ll be well fed, happy, supporting sustainable produce, and maybe even lose weight, who knows *insert little shrug emoji here*.

Give up drinking (whether for a day, a week, a month, the year)
Yeah yeah yeah, this one is on everyone’s list, nearly every year. Even if you outdid yourself this year, drinking away the pain of having to spend a week with your racist extended family, or just over did the ringing in of the new year, there will come a time in January when you realize you are a pretty boring person without a wine to help liven your conversation, or rather, everyone around you is pretty boring without seeing them through the rose colored glasses of a vodka with lime. So get mixing. As long as you choose an ethically sourced, and sustainably produced alcohol, we say you’re on the right track (hint: FAIR is both ethically sourced and sustainably produced, who knew!! Well, we did. But apart from that, surprise!).

Basically what we are saying is that new year’s resolutions are hard. And kinda dumb cause you’re probably already a pretty decent person (maybe?). As long as you are doing some good for the world, you might as well do bad for your body / self / bank account and enjoy it.

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