Break the circle of poverty⎪PS Kitchen, NYC

Break the circle of poverty⎪PS Kitchen, NYC

P.S. Kitchen. Wow, what we can we say. Well, we’ll start by saying how much we love ALL of the bars and restaurants and events and festivals that choose to stock and sell FAIR. Which has nothing to do with P.S. Kitchen, we know. But we’ll follow up with the fact that if ever there was a bar and restaurant that was a match made in heaven for our values, P.S. Kitchen fits that bill.

Of course they have a fantastic location, warm décor with art to blow your mind, and a menu that has to be seen and tasted to be believed—all of which we will get to later—but they are also one hell of a kick ass social justice organization above and beyond all that. Their mission is to use good food and open hearts to “break the cycle of poverty by connecting resources to vulnerable communities, providing tools necessary for self-sustainability, and building meaningful relationships with our neighbors, near and far.” Which, duh, sounds really gosh darn rad to us. Through the restaurant and bar they create jobs for marginalized New Yorkers, donate 100% of the profits to sustainable charity work both locally and overseas (100%?!? AMAZING), and to top it all off they provide New Yorkers with delicious plant based food that is both good to your body and good to our planet.

OK onto the locale, décor, and most importantly, the food and drinks.

Located in the theatre district, P.S. Kitchen is perfectly located for you to get to easily by any of the myriad subway stations (will just mean you might have to brave the Times Square subway station, but will be worth it, we promise) or after you’ve taken in some #culture with a show or play. The inside feels warm and calming, with literally 50 shades of gray accented by warm oranges, red, and pinks, and splashes of blue, green, and purple. Which sounds like it might be ridiculously colorful and the opposite of calming, but it’s not somehow. It must be some sort of vegan restaurant voodoo that keeps it simple and welcoming.
They describe their food as “richly artisanal food that engages all of your senses with vibrant color and fresh flavor” and they are Not. Joking. All of their food is vegan, but if you are not used to vegan food don’t let that put you off. And if you are used to vegan food, then yay, continue reading. The top picks from us are the burger (oddly yes! But it’s delish, promise), buffalo hen of the woods (don’t ask, just try it), the warm farrow salad (speaks for itself how delish and simultaneously comforting and light this is), and the lasagne (again, just like the burger, weird we’d choose a traditionally meat based dish, but again, we promise). But really, we’re sure anything you choose will be delicious.

Violet Drop – FAIR. Vodka, kalamansi, rose-lavender, ginger beer

Whatever you order, we recommend you pair it with the Violet Drop, one of their signature cocktails that uses FAIR vodka. It’s made from FAIR vodka, kalamansi, rose-lavender, and ginger beer. And is the prettiest purple color you ever did see. Of course if this isn’t your thing, then you can get any other drink with FAIR in it too!

Whatever your reason to visit P.S. Kitchen, were sure you’ll love the staff, the service, the comfort, the food, AND the drinks. Visit soon to give back to your body and your city.

Find out more through their website.

Ps: Cover picture was taken earlier this month. The whole team was reunited in NYC and had the pleasure to dine at PS Kitchen!

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