Think Human, Drink FAIR.

‘I don’t even know what that means’ we hear you cry. Yeah OK, fair enough. So let us introduce ourselves.  We’re FAIR., an independent spirits brand, dedicated to high quality products that are sourced ethically and sustainably.  We’ll get to more of that ethical and sustainable stuff later. But first, the basics.

Way back in 2009 (remember 2009? Obama had just taken office and harem pants were a thing) we had an idea. We wanted to make high end spirits that had no borders; spirits for people who were globally minded and gave half a damn about sustainable development. We wanted to source natural ingredients from local communities in the best growing regions all over the world, and transform them into something that could be enjoyed from the comfort of your own apartment, in your favorite restaurant, or at the local on the corner. From a small farmer in a hidden corner of the world, to a Charente distiller, all the way to you, the final consumer, we wanted to create a human chain, linked together by us at FAIR. to bring it to life.

In an industry ruled by conservativism and tradition, we wanted to do something different.  We wanted to put humans first at every step of the way: sourcing, making, consuming. We don’t need to go into too much detail now. You get the picture and we’ll have plenty of time to tell you more about our story, our people, and our products later.

What about that ethical and sustainable chat we were having before? Well we do all the normal things you’ve heard about, like pay a Fairtrade Premium of approximately 15% of the purchase price to be used for social and environmental initiatives, and refund 2.5% of our turnover to promote fair trade to end customers. But we wanted FAIR. to stand for more than the bare minimum of Fairtrade. We’ve met many of our producers face to face and stood with them on their land. We purchase raw materials for more than the market price, making sure that farmers can make investments and stay in business. Our philosophy is simple: it is essential that every person involved in the process is treated fairly and equitably. This even extends to you (yes you!) sitting on the subway reading this. Part of our vision was to bring consumers refined spirits without the high end price tag so that everyone can enjoy FAIR. Pretty simply, we are promoting a different style of consumption that reflects fair and humane values.

And we’ve done it! Well … sort of. Like all good things, we’re still growing and getting there, but we can say with honesty that our products are globally and ethically sourced and enjoyed. From organic quinoa in Bolivia’s Altiplano Plateau and arabica from Mexico to juniper berries from Uzbekistan and sugarcane grown under the Belizean sun, all our produce is meticulously selected by FAIR’s teams to meet precise quality needs and satisfy all the farmers we work with the world over.

So what can you expect from us? Well honesty and transparency for one. We aren’t perfect, we don’t get it right 100% of the time and we don’t pretend otherwise. But we’re responsible and we’re optimistic. With us you’ll always know where we stand on an issue, what we want to do better, and who we are working with.  Each week we’ll bring you stories from Quinoa producers in the Andean mountains, our team living in America but hailing from Colombia or hailing from America living in France, local artists from Brooklyn, and hopefully so much more. In short, we’ll bring you human stories, about human people, written by us, also coincidently human people.

When you choose FAIR. you’re choosing to support a move in the right direction, and to support independent business. We look forward to doing this with you 👊.

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